Is deregulation at the consumer’s expense?

Freeing up business from the burden of red tape to improve the economy and our productivity is an important political objective. However, there’s a risk of consumer backlash if the industry promise of better service in an unregulated environment is unmet and consumer confidence turns to rage. The Australian domestic airline industry is apparently, largely […]


With respect to spin doctors…

Government communications professionals are often dissed as ‘spin doctors’, but their critical role in delivering important public information, particularly during times of economic threat and massive change, should not be under-estimated. This was the case in the UK, when the new Government faced a deep recession and an urgent sense of economic danger.  There were […]

Communicating Consumer Directed Care – 5 things you need to know

For the uninitiated, Consumer Directed Care is an integral part of the Australian Government’s Living Longer, Living Better aged care reforms that were introduced on 20 April 2012 and brought into action on 1 August 2013. At the core of these reforms is a comprehensive 10 year plan to expand home care options and provide […]

Health and Ageing

Healthcare and Social Media

Healthcare and social media -what’s holding us back? The international healthcare industry is experiencing a global shift in how patients are choosing to connect with healthcare topics and organisations. From researching a particular illness through to broadcasting their opinions on hospitals, drugs, physicians and health plans, today’s patients are transforming the internet into the largest, […]

Micro parties and democracy

There is a gobsmacking irony in The Greens being so quick out of the blocks calling for Senate voting reform in response to the apparent results in the Senate. No party has gained more power and influence as a result of deals to benefit from preference flows than the Greens. Is it really so much […]

The broadband Rolls Royce 4WD or the Hyundai

  If this wasn’t an election year, Stephen Conroy’s reaction to the Coalition broadband policy might have been very different. Maybe something like; “I told you so.” The rancorous debate about broadband that the major parties have engaged in for the past eight years reflected profound differences.