The politics of extremes is hurting our democracy

(This piece first appeared on The Drum, Friday 27 June 2014) In going for “shock and awe” rhetoric at every opportunity, politicians have debased their own political currency and hindered their ability to lead under a democracy, writes David Forman. There is, once again, no doubt who dominated the media coverage coming out of the […]


Is deregulation at the consumer’s expense?

Freeing up business from the burden of red tape to improve the economy and our productivity is an important political objective. However, there’s a risk of consumer backlash if the industry promise of better service in an unregulated environment is unmet and consumer confidence turns to rage. The Australian domestic airline industry is apparently, largely […]


Observations from a delegate at the 2014 Commission on the Status of Women

At 1am, after a long day and an even longer two weeks of negotiations, the Agreed Conclusion of the 58th Commission on the Status of Women #CSW were adopted with a strong call to prioritise gender equality and the human rights of women in order to achieve sustainable development.  While the Millenium Development Goals #MDGs resulted […]