Healthcare and Social Media

Healthcare and social media -what’s holding us back? The international healthcare industry is experiencing a global shift in how patients are choosing to connect with healthcare topics and organisations. From researching a particular illness through to broadcasting their opinions on hospitals, drugs, physicians and health plans, today’s patients are transforming the internet into the largest, […]

Ongoing learnings in governance

Some great insights were flowing from the Australian Institute of Company Directors ‘Essential Director Update’ in Melbourne today – one of the largest director events in the world.As board members we know the importance of staying current, particularly given changes in the legislative and regulatory environments – that was evidenced by the packed house at […]

Prof Daley debunks budgeting spending myths

  Analogies between government budgets and household budgets are often simplistic to the point of being meaningless, but in at least one respect it appears there are parallels. Both tend to spend according to their earnings. That, at least, is one take away from a recent address to the National Press Club from Prof John […]

Micro parties and democracy

There is a gobsmacking irony in The Greens being so quick out of the blocks calling for Senate voting reform in response to the apparent results in the Senate. No party has gained more power and influence as a result of deals to benefit from preference flows than the Greens. Is it really so much […]

Weekly Election Summary Final Edition

Those voters frustrated at the way Western Sydney voters have dominated the priorities of the major parties in this election and, indeed, for the past decade will take little comfort in a recent analysis from the Australian Electoral Commission.It shows that the voters in those electorates were the most disengaged in the nation in the […]

CPR Federal Election Weekly Wrap – Week four

  It is often said that we get the politicians we deserve, usually as a pejorative. In the final fortnight of the election, there is no doubt the major parties will focus on the matters about which we, the voters, have expressed greatest concern. The major parties’ constant tracking of the electorate’s sentiment throughout the […]

CPR Federal Election Weekly Wrap – Week three

  Big money is assuming an increasingly important, if not universally welcomed, part of modern campaigns. One of the important changes of dynamic in the Labor Party’s late switch back to Kevin Rudd as leader for the present campaign, was that it had a crucial impact on the party’s finances. Under Julia Gillard, corporate donors […]

The broadband Rolls Royce 4WD or the Hyundai

  If this wasn’t an election year, Stephen Conroy’s reaction to the Coalition broadband policy might have been very different. Maybe something like; “I told you so.” The rancorous debate about broadband that the major parties have engaged in for the past eight years reflected profound differences.