Is a 2013 referendum on the cards? Constitutional recognition of local government

A Parliamentary committee has recommended a referendum for constitutional recognition of local government be held this year – for the third time in the past 40 years. There was a referendum on the matter in 1974, and one again in 1988, neither of which carried. The call has been made by the Joint Select Committee […]

Our domestic labour force: the international influence

  The popular media’s treatment of immigration as a “hot-potato issue” belies Australia’s legacy of placing migration policy at the heart of Government and economic planning. Even while it has been mired in political controversy, it has continued to evolve to meet economic needs.   At a time of tight labor markets, businesses should be […]

Nowhere to hide | Policy costings under the microscope

  One of the least remarked upon elements of the agreement that gave Julia Gillard the Prime Ministership in 2010 is likely to provide a central character in 2013, now that the election date is set. Phil Bowen, who was appointed to the position of Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) in mid-2012 to head the small office that […]


  Summertime. Swimming.  Sand.  Surfing. Spending  time with your family and friends.  Generally, taking it easy.  Oh, and cricket on the radio. For me, the summer break means a chance to re-acquaint myself with an old and dear friend, the newspaper.  In this brave and bold new digital world, I venture to say that newsprint […]

Will Tony Abbott really get rid of the carbon tax?

NOTE: This article, written by CPR’s David Forman, was orginally publish on ABC’s The Drum on Janurary 10, 2013. Link:    Tony Abbott has left no doubt about his intention to scrap the carbon tax should he become prime minister. But it is not going to be easy, and there’s every chance carbon pricing will stay in […]

CPR in September PR Report

  The September edition of Glen Frost’s PR report was just released and in it features the latest news from CPR and Hotwire.  Top news: Nathalie Sevim has been appointed to the CPR Sydney team (profile) CPR Melbourne attributed to the ProtectTheAstor campaign Suzanne Hewitt has been appointed Director of HotwirePR Australia (profile) See below for […]

A rhino in any language, does it really say the same thing?

A skateboarding rhino dubbed Spike has become an unlikely and quirky poster beastie for tram safety in Melbourne. Part of a campaign for public transport company Yarra Trams, the skateboarding rhino reminds pedestrians and commuters to take care, because a tram weighs as much as 30 of Africa’s most famous horned megafauna, and you will […]

Selectively using ‘evidence’ for policy formation

  There is something profoundly disturbing about what the furore surrounding US politician Todd Akin – but it’s not what he is being hammered for by other politicians and commentators. Akin, an 11-year veteran of the US Congress and committed anti-abortion campaigner said in a live TV interview at the weekend that he believed women […]